Despite the fact that we are in the digital era, it is curious how the paper book market has been expanding in content and recovering its interest, combining to a certain extent with its electronic counterpoint. While readers of all ages are increasingly familiar with the texts on touch screens, the figures do not lie: paper books are here since the beginning of times and do not seem to be a tendency to extinguish.

As the years go by videogame literature is gaining strength rapidly. A fact that only a few years ago seemed unimportant, but now more and more editorial houses are betting on this type of publications, focused on knowing more about the most popular entertainment sector of the modern era.

In our catalog you will be able to find a category for books related to video games. With dozens of topics to cover, we offer you the best literary works to complement your love for online video games. You will be able to find specialized guides, essays and even exhaustive reviews on the most popular games out there and the ones to come in the future.